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WP.2 Framework for ICT-based interventions for students with ADHD

Lead partner CeDAp (Italy)

The framework developed in this work package will collect the most recent research outcomes in ADHD intervention methodologies but its most innovative aspect will be the identification of strategic ways in which ICTs can support ADHD multimodal interventions.

In particular, the framework will pertain three different levels of intervention:

  1. parents level, focusing on procedures to improve maladaptive and counterproductive parenting strategies;
  2. teachers level, supporting teachers both in the creation of a facilitating environment and in the management of students problematic behavior. 

For each level, the partnership will review the most effective existing paradigms, focusing the attention on cognitive-behavioural perspectives and will provide a detailed description of how the web-based features planned in the project will be developed.

The main deliverable of this work package will be a key document for the development of the project Web Applications (WP3), and for both dissemination (WP4, WP5) and exploitation activities (WP6) providing a shared common background within the entire project.


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