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Enhance ADHD monitoring with ICT!


The WHAAM (Web Health Application for Adhd Monitoring) project is aimed at diffusing a new culture in the ADHD intervention. The rationale is that, technology can promote a better networking among people involved in the care of an ADHD child: parents, teachers and health professionals (HPs). During the project, different outcomes have been released, including a theoretical Framework (CDFw), an application to support multimodal interventions for ADHD subjects, a training course for parents, teachers and HPs to familiarize them with the cognitive-behavioural techniques and the use of the Web App created. Finally, a training module have been designed, aimed at bringing the theme of ADHD and the use of Web App into University curricula.

The WHAAM project has been funded with the support from European Commission, in the context of the Lifelong Learning Programme Key Activity 3 Multilateral Projects.


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