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Main activities

    Development of a Framework for ICT-based interventions for students with ADHD. It represents a theoretical and methodological tool aimed at guiding the main actors involved in ADHD monitoring and treatment. The results of this work will be diffused to researchers and associations by means of specialized publications, international conferences, and using the project web site.

    Development of a Web Application targeted at parents of children with ADHD, teachers, and health professionals. The Web Application will provide a set of features supporting multimodal interventions for ADHD subjects. In particular, the Web Application will promote the creation of a network of people involved in the management of the deficit: teachers and, more in general, educational staff; ADHD subjects parents and experts in health care. The Web Application will be accessible by personal computers and mobile devices and it will be translated in 4 languages (English, Italian, Portuguese, Greek).

    The designing of a Parent and Teacher Training paths aimed at providing teachers and parents of ADHD pupils with behavioral modification techniques and the Web Application developed;

    Designing and delivering of an e-Learning module on ICT-based interventions for students with ADHD. This course is directed at students of medical, psychological and educational science faculties, besides teachers and health professionals, interested in improving their knowledge and skills of the treatment of behavioral disorders, using a CB approach and ICT. This module will be open to any European higher education institution that is willing to recognize a certain number of ECTS-credits.

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