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Expected impact

The teachers and parents of students/children with ADHD are the main project target group. The main outcome for this group will be teaching them new strategies to monitor the behavior and learning difficulties of ADHD pupils, thus improving their skills in managing the many difficult behavioral aspects both at home and at school.

A relevant output is expected in the organization of schools which have ADHD pupils, pushing them toward more inclusive policies, and improving the collaboration home-school. Furthermore, the use of ICT will permit to spread good practices and new theoretical results throughout the whole community engaged to manage these disorders, at national and international level. The project will make easier to  access to some interventions, and to share results and efficacy practices.

Finally, the dissemination activity should contribute to the diffusion of a new awareness about the social and economic costs related to these disorders, and the necessity to spread a multimodal approach, also using ICT, for the treatment of them, so improving the life of families with children with ADHD.

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