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Dissemination and exploitation strategy

We aim to disseminate the use and effectiveness of the WHAAM application to promote the aims, progress and the results to all stakeholders. Particular attention will be focused on maintaining the underlying message of the project, which is to "Promote a special education project based on the effective use of ICT for monitoring ADHD pupils and to improve effective positive communications between parents and teachers leading to better school inclusion."

In order for us to effectively support the plan it will be split into two different work packages. (WP4 and WP5) In addition will be using WP6 to deliver the training course while WP4 will be dedicated to reach out and inform the Internet community, the stakeholders (teachers associations, educational agencies, policy makers, inclusion and special need associations and health professionals) that are not directly involved in the development of the WHAAM application. This will include the project activities and the outcomes that will be relevant to their own professional use.

WP5 will focus on positively engaging parents and teachers to work together and in the delivery of the training course (WP6). This course will aim to introduce the web application to parents and teachers and enhance their skills and abilities in the understanding and use of a multimodal approach for monitoring pupils' behaviours affected by ADHD.

Finally it is in the interest of the partnership to plan a way of transferring the method (WP2) and the technology (WP3) which has been recently been developed through this project. To help this we will be using an element of WP6 to develop an e-learning module at level 7 of the EQF European Higher Education Area framework. This is designed to enhance students' knowledge, skills and expertise in monitoring and interventions with ADHD pupils.

The university bodies directly connected to the partners will be accrediting this and including it in specific courses. The delivering of the e-learning module will increasingly enlarge the number of stakeholders directly involved and interested in this topic.

The main dissemination activities are:

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